Saturday, August 27, 2011

Central Park picnic


Right now I am hunkering down with Jeremy and getting ready for this hurricane thats about to hit tonight! Cooking corn bread and vegan chili, stocked up on water and TP, got a billion tea lights for in case the power goes out.. it's supposed to get pretty bad.. So thoughts of a lovely summer time picnic in central park with other stylish ladies is keeping me going right now! This time next week I will be eating something delicious and giggling with afternoon away at this blogger meet up for NYFW. I suppose it would be the second anual one now, since we did this last year too, although last time Rebecca of The Clothes Horse was the main organizer of this event. This year the shindig was also put together by Ashley of Fancy Fine (a soul sister I will finally get to meet in person!) and Erin of Calivintage. So if you are in town september 10th, come on by! I know a lot of you ladies come to town for fashion week, whether or not you have anything in particular to go to. It is just fun to be around the buzz and all the well dressed people! Hope to see you there!


Ashley Ording said...

I want time to MOVE FASTER so I can be in New York already! Although I definitely don't mind skipping the hurricane. Be safe, pretty!! xo

Katy Rose said...

I'll be in town till the 10th or 11th. Would love to be able to meet-up if I end up staying through the weekend. I'm really hoping the time speeds by.