Friday, August 12, 2011



This post is to celebrate the start of something wonderful! The lovely lady behind The Snail and the Cyclops has shut the doors on that project to broaden her horizons and move onto bigger and better things. I first met Francesca back in 2007 through her flickr (which I'm sad to say will also go silent.. though I sure hope she keeps it around, cause I gather a lot of inspiration from her archives!) and have always been in awe of her various vintage collections, be it clothing, stuffed animals or her grandmothers beauty supplies. This girl knows how to make a vintage lover swoon, and so it comes as no surprise that her latest endeavor Lawrence will have you weak in the knees over her carefully curated and handpicked with love vintage pieces for sale.

Now based out of Brooklyn, Francesca will now be offering the same amazing style out of her new corner of the internet, where you will find small batches of carefully thought out pieces that have been washed and mended before they make their way to their new homes. At Lawrence you can also find a photo journal filled with photos by the lovely and talented Amy Merrick, among other great things to come. What a dream duo, huh?! I am super excited for this new endeavor and will be sure to stick around and watch Lawrence grow into the amazing online shop I know it will be.



Taylor / The Little Deer said...

Can't get over these photos of her.
So gorgeous! I wanna hang them all over in my room, haha

Anonymous said...


Sarah said...

beautiful. i want these in my room too.

Meg said...

such amazingly gorgeous photos, I must go!!