Monday, November 5, 2012

guest post: NY shots by Clever Nettle


Hello friends of Emily! It's Anja from Clever Nettle, offering up a lil' post while Emily is on tour. It seems appropriate to share these photos here since they were taken while I was staying with Emily during my recent trip to NY. It was a brief but fun visit, and it was my first time finally meeting Emily in person! The extra cool bonus was that Ali was in town as well, so we all got to hang out and spent the day wandering around the park, eating good food, taking photos, talking about slime. Ali is actually the person who internet-introduced me to Emily a few years ago! I barely took any pictures on my trip, but I did manage to capture George, who is totally blog-famous and even fluffier in person. Emily is going to be passing through Portland with the Twin Sister tour on the 5th, come out at see them at Bunk Bar! 

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Sasssquatch said...

so many beautiful little things, what camera do you use by the way?