Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tan Camera: This Is Our Youth

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Here is the third set of photos from Tan Camera that we shot a few weeks ago. These photos are part of a long term project Kimi is working on called "This Is Our Youth" where she uses real people, often times bloggers, and their wardrobes to style the looks. Using 35mm film and various polaroids she tries to document capturing a moment in time that is true to the subject. Keep coming back for the rest of the set from our shoot, and be sure to check out Kimi on facebook, instagram and twitter under the name @tancamera.


Aimée / The Lost Girl said...

I love all these photographs, as well as the previous set! You look so gorgeous!

Aimée x

Tori Bonaventura said...

Amazing amazing amazing. Favorite so far. :)
xo, Tori

Sasssquatch said...

I absolutely love these!!