Tuesday, November 20, 2012



Man, getting back in the swing of things can be so hard around here, especially when you have to go up on your roof at 10 am to take photos for your blog with no coat on. That's my reason for the lack of outfit posts since I have been back in town, but I got up the courage to go up there today and do it. The weather so far is really not that bad, you have to get bundled up to go out, but it isn't chilling to the bone yet.. so I really shouldn't be complaining. But I think this not wanting to go take my photo in the cold is going to cause me to mix things up a bit around here. Maybe start posting some new and different content, change the direction of this blog a bit.. cause change is good and refreshing and there have been lots of crazy coincidences in my life recently so I'm taking it as a sign. I don't know what of.. but something about right now feels very important, so I'm not going to let this awesome static energy I'm feeling go to waste.

Lets discus my new blouse here for a minute. I got it at work yesterday, it's a vintage Yves Saint Laurent and I am in love. When I tried it on at work some of the girls said I would never wear it.. and that it didn't strike them as very me. I beg to differ, I think it is so perfect, the puffy sleeves are great and the color is that perfect shade of pink I actually like to wear.

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carrievintage said...

i like the skirt!

Norbyah said...

i love that blouse, and i think it's totally you. it's a perfect fit. i agree, change is good....a little reinventing is invigorating. i look forward to seeing what you do here.

teafeathers said...

Dat hair and nose ring combination. Jealous! These colors look great on you.


Kim Selfridge said...


Megan Butcher said...

What a great outfit, love the drama and volume!