Monday, December 6, 2010

first flurries


today is my boyfriends birthday, he turned 30! i had a surprise party for him on friday, it was fun, he was totally surprised! today we lounged around mostly, i made breakfast and we watched some boardwalk empire. left the house for a bit to stop at the thrift store and get some falafel to bring home and eat and watch more boardwalk empire ha. then i worked on wrapping some christmas gifts. im handmaking a few things this year, the recipients will be very pleased i think!
something about this coat im wearing, i have had it for almost two years and never even tried it on due to the real mink fur collar. i had alway intended to sell it, and was going to this winter but then i tried it on last week and decided to keep it, at least for a bit. despite the fur, its beautifully made, a d great color and its not too often you come across something this beautiful in a thrift store. my boyfriend, who is vegan, thinks otherwise. he doesn't really like that im wearing it one bit, and i see what hes saying. i dont lie to wear fir either.. but in this case, its 60+ year old fur ob a coat that is otherwise a work of art in my eyes. i would never wear new fur, only vintage, and even then i wouldn't wear it much. i would take faux fur over real any day. how do you other vintage wearing ladies feel about this?

coat- thrifted
sweater- thrifted
skort- thrifted
tights- target
boots- thrifted



A Little Brighter said...

I ADORE that coat and too would only wear vintage fur. I think that the damage has already been done and wouldn't it be even a worse waste if we were to throw them away?
It is strange though because faux leather is everywhere yet I always get strange looks for wearing faux fur!

Ayesha x


It's tricky...overall for leather and fur I think it's fine if it's vintage, as it's more wasteful (and perhaps unethical) to throw out perfectly good clothing because of a past that you have no say in. Your money is typically either going to a charity or a local business, rather than towards a company that is wasting resources making something that already exists. I think it's the emotional response to feeling something soft and cuddly that brings on the internal conflict!

Andrea said...

It's a wonderful coat. I've collected similar coats from thrift stores over the last few years, and I inherited a gorgeous one from my grandmother recently. Full disclosure, I try to follow a vegan lifestyle and the first time I tried to wear one of these babies out, I worried all day that people would accuse me of killing baby animals, that I was some kind of glowing hypocrite. And I couldn't stop thinking of little furry creatures on my collar. Bad news!
I was able to remove the collar off of one of them without damaging the fur or impacting the coat too much, but something about the look of the fur is pure magic. I just wish it were fake!
Infinitely better than buying new fur, though. I choose to buy used leather and such and can stomach it a little more, but I feel you on the fur troubles.

Annebeth said...

congrats on your boyfriend!

I love the coat. I know that fur always makes people feel queesy, but it's vintage so it would be stupid to let it go to waste after having killed an animal for it, I guess... Love the tights too!

Meggstatus said...

Oh my gosh shit coat is perfect! Unique color- CHECK. Fur Collar-CHECK. Over-sized Silhouette- CHECK. I see what your boyfriend is saying (I myself was vegan for six years and am still vegetarian) but I agree with you, if it's vintage (and I'm not talking about from the 90's I'm talking REAL VINTAGE) than it's ok with me.

Kennedy said...

i really like your hair in heidi braids like that, but then again, your hair looks good no matter what always and forever <3

ashley said...

I would love it if you could do another tutorial on this hair look! and also on that high bun you often do!