Wednesday, December 29, 2010

time bandits


im not all too good with coming up with post titles. i only chose this one because i just watched the movie with jeremy, we came across it on instant watch, never heard of it before, but its pretty cool.
these photos are from yesterday, i went with my best friend ali to help pick out her first sewing machine! she just wanted something simple that she can learn on to do basic things.. for now ;) i think she can do really amazing things, and to know construction is so important! she does a few things by hand, but i firmly believe in learning the good and proper way to do things when it comes to sewing so that you know. and then you can make things however it feel most comfortable. i tend to "wing it" a lot when i sew and design, thats why iv always gravitated towards draping rather than flat pattern. but i went to school for it and i do know how to do it all, and knowing and being able to picture how a garent goes together is so much fun anyway!
so we got her a singer and went back to her house and i taught her some basics. how to string a machine seems to be what intimidates people most, but dont be! its really quite easy, just dont sew your fingers (at school that would happen sometimes with the industrial machines. they always stressed keeping your fingers away from the needle..) gross.
i took a few photos of her room too which i am going to share with you probably tomorrow. ali has such a great collection of curiosities, and shes really gotten the hang of keeping things minimalistic but still so beautiful. more of that to come!

green coat- vintage, thrifted
collar- ones i have been making to sell in my shop golden fur vintage in the next few weeks. so keep your eyes peeled for an update!
short sleeve sweater- vintage, thrifted
belt- thrifted
plaid skirt- vintage, thrifted
ruffle socks- xmas gift from ali sock dreams
boots- thrifted



Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Oh, I love this look! The collar is so cool too. I could really see Calivintage wearing them...

Anja Verdugo said...

Can't get enough of you and your golden locks!

Ashley Ording said...

Beautiful as always... and I'm putting up the collar giveaway on Fancy Fine either tomorrow or Sunday, it took me a bit longer than I thought! :)

daydreamsnightwalks said...

cant believe you had never seen time bandits i have a list of awesome films i gotta check you haven't missed
i mostly just want to check all the things we have in common i think we are quite similar its weird i hope i dont freak you out x happy new year x

Anonymous said...

The green coat is great, hopefully this is faux and not reak fur :(

Emily Rose said...

unfortunately it is real fur :( i talk about it a bit in a earlier post.. its the only piece of real stuff i have and its way old. i would only wear vintage fur.. and even then, i dont really want to. this coat is just so beautiful otherwise, it won me over.