Tuesday, December 14, 2010

little things


sorry iv been so bad at blogging this month! last month i was on fire, but december is just that kind month where it goes really fast and theres a million things to do. ya know? so dont hate me.
this is just kind of a little update, along with some recent photo booth pictures. my birthday is coming up on friday, i will be 23 this year! im planing soem fun little things for my birthday weekend, probably a bit of an intimate night the day of my birthday, and then i have a party planed for saturday night. not too many people will probably come, but im urging all to dress up a bit! i know i will be wearing my best party dress!
this months closes a very crazy year for me. well not crazy, more like perfect. it just went by so fast and theres so many great things that have happend in 2010. i started my blog (well restarted. iv had it since 2008, but i tried to start new and get serious this year) as well as my shop. both i began in january at the start of the year and something new and fresh. and here i am almost a year later, nearly 100 sales in my shop, which was a bit of a goal i set for myself that im happy to make. well almost make. im at 99 sales right now. so chances are pretty good. let me just say whoever makes that 100th purchase will get an extra special package in the mail as a thank you!
in may my boyfriend and i made things official. we were "unofficial" for a bit over a year by that point, then we decided to try and stop being cool single people and just love each other like we knew we could. then in september i moved in with this hunk, and then we got some cats! so pretty good year if you ask me.
so in 2011 i have some goals i want to reach. i want to get even more serious with my shop and blog. i want to do things a bit more profesional, mostly in my shop i mean.try and set up a good area for photos and do regular shop updates. my blog i want to do more outfit posts! and just post more in general. keep it up! i want to be as self employed as possible. in this year im going to try to move away from my trader joes job and try to focus more on retail or styling. i want to do more handmade things, which is going to start at the end of this month. iv been making some bows for hair and collars that are going to be available in my shop soon. as well as some other handmade items. i have so much vintage fabric and so many ideas, i need to execute them and pass these gems onto you! see an example of my work below.
i also want to plan a cross country road trip and visit as many bloggers and friends as will have me. and document it all along the way. i need to travel more, see more, learn more. maybe take some classes just for the hell of it!
one more thing, i know iv been getting a few more readers recently, getting my name out there i suppose. if your a reader of any kind, just say hello! drop a little note in the comments. do you all like where this blog has been? is going? what do you want to see and hear when you visit my blog? i am here to please :)



Jessicat said...

heys! I just started reading your blog a couple weeks back. I like the relaxed vibes of your blog, it fun without being shabby. Great Job!!

Ashley/ MILK TEETHS said...

I feel like we have the same goals for out blogs/etsy shoes. 2011 will be the year of doing these legit! Also, I like how you've worn your milkmaid braids lower on your head--it's a nice twist (I wore my hair like this today too!)


leilani.e said...

I think this is maybe the third or fourth post of yours that I've read, i came over here via Hannah&Landon. so instead of being a creeper, I figured I'd say hello!

I love you goals/what you accomplished... Mine's pretty similar: clean out closet, dump it all into an etsy shop, revamp my so-so blog into a portfolio for my journalism/writing, run more, laugh more, cook more :)

All the best - I like where you're going, trust your gut!

Ana Karen said...

Hello. Also stumbled upon here from Hannah & Landon.

Hmm. You remind me of Chloe Sevigny(a favorite of mine). I like your writing, nothing too pretentious and realistic. So far, I like what I see.

Jenny Morris said...

hey! i really like your goals for the new year...im a new reader of yours - links all over the web keep bringing me back to this space blog! i think youd be so amazing if you plan to continue your ventures on the internet - youve got it all going on! love the hand made bow.


Anonymous said...

Aw, hi Emily, we met super briefly at the blogger meet up in Central Park,and I remember you were wearing the lovely blouse and jeans and I was so confused when you were trying to explain to me that your blog is named after a Radiohead song, and I think that was because I am sometimes temporarily hit with a lightening bolt of stupidity! I'm so glad I refound your blog via Hannah's blog because you have the greatest blog and the loveliest hair and vintage dresses!

Your year sounds like a lovely year. I have some resolutions of my own that I'm pretending I don't have because it's better to pretend I never had them in the first place when 2012 rolls around and I never accomplished all the things I wanted to...

I love your blog the way it is! Adorable pictures and clever, charming words to go with it! Okay, too many exclamations.

xx Jenny