Wednesday, December 1, 2010



todays weather was horrible, wind and rain. oh the wind! the days have been very grey lately and rainy, and so the lack of outfit posts continues. however today i received a few packages in the mail. some for friends for the holidays, and a little thing or two for myself.
you cant see the detail on this bra, but its so so amazing, 30s dead stock beauty in the lightest pink. i found it at this amazing etsy shop BarbarosasVintage. the straps are a tad long, but thats an easy fix. its comfortable and perfect.
i also received this pink velvet bed jacket from greatest friend vintage, it was just too pretty to pass up. im looking forward to wearing it with something totally not soft and sweet. grunge it up a bit, so to speak. both purchases were rather cheap and so so worth it.



Courtney Brooke said...

HECK YEAH!!!! silks, satins, velvet and lace... nothing says womanly comfort and slumber like those things!!

Jessica said...

I've been reading you for such a long time.
It's weird to be such involved with people you don't even know.

But today i felt like that ! beyond silk and all that jazz.

Kennedy said...

that bra! the perfect color and the perfect fit <3

Georgia Rose said...

I think your blog is my new favourite. So amazing.

Velvet Bitchez