Wednesday, September 12, 2012

bright and bold


Tonight I'm going to the Rookie magazine 1 year anniversary party at the Ace hotel, and so I'm dressed in my very best. I got this dress from Beacon's Closet a few months back, but still haven't really gotten much use of it. Wearing bright color is really my favorite thing to do, so this dress is right up my alley. Well it may not have been a year ago, I was kind of against wearing pink, especially in this shade. I felt like it just didn't quite work on me. Now I have abandoned that and in fact seem to be seeking out pink when it comes to my wardrobe. More often in shades of coral and peach over this bright one here, but all the great flowers win me over!

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casper+pearl said...

amazing dress!

lots of love from the c&p girls,
the casper&pearl blog

Leah said...

Love this dress! You look like such a dame!
And love those shoes. So perfect.

Anonymous said...

Hello hello Emily!
You're so lucky that you get to go to the Rookie magazine 1 year anniversary party! I'm a little (actually, make that a LOT) jealous.
I hope you have an amazing time though :)

Oooooh this dress is definitely a great outfit choice! The pink is so bubbly and cute, definitely very tasty in the best ways. Not too long ago, I too thought that pink was rather eh. Now, I can't get enough of the color. I'm hoping to add more pink to my closet sometime soonish!
But I digress.
Back to this lovely dress of yours.
The flower pattern is so vibrant and feminine but not super in your face. My favorite part of your dress is those little flowers that adorn the waistline of your dress as well as the edges of your dress. That just makes everything so much cuter in my opinion!
I really like that you paired such a fun and bright dress with those shiny gold heels.
The brightness and the shiny understatedness pair really well if that makes sense :)

I hope you enjoy the party!
Party hard. Hahahahaha :D

Have a fantastic day Emily! <3


yefes86 said...
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yefes86 said...

If you saw Florence (of the Machine) I'm actually going to cry. Hope you had a great time though. xxx

Jul, Life Is A Romantic Poem said...

Oooh what a gorgeous dress! I also love your hair and the tattoo on your arm is stunning. Hope you had fun at the party!

Kitsune-kun said...

those colours are SUPER fun! and I'm sad I missed a chance to meet you- I chickened out of going to the picnic:( maybe next year I'll be braver!

Frannie Pantz said...

What a very pretty dress and I love how carefree your photos always are. You are one pretty lady!

Aliya said...

Adorable dress! Your hair looks so pretty curled!

x Aliya