Wednesday, September 19, 2012

fall uniform


So this is like my fall uniform it's turning out. Mini skirt, knee socks, crop top and a cardigan. I'm cool with that. I just got this skirt from work a few weeks back, it's old french connection.. still amazed by how much I like their stuff sometimes. French connection usually makes me think of those fcuk shirts that used to be so popular, and all the douche bags I went to high school with who wore them. But I am always glad to be pleasantly surprised by brands like that. I am not one to ever really care about a brand name, or showing it or caring what people think of me because I wear it. But on that same note I like to remain open minded about them and to not turn something down because it is a brand I may not normally like or support. For me it is about the finished product, the outfit you put together with whatever you have at hand that really matters. Be it thrift, vintage or even Target or some mall brand, what you do with it to express yourself is really what should be the thing that stands out.

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☯ZERO STYLE☯ said...

i love this!! i need to try different pattern combos for fall.

Kennedy said...

those knee socks were made for your gams girl!

Leah said...

I would kill for your legs! I love the pattern mixing!

Kailey said...

Love the contrasting patterns and those socks! <3

Christina Marie said...

I love this look! Perfect for fall weather.


Kiana McCourt said...

Those are the most perfect knee high's! I've been looking for this color for so long, would you share where you got them from?