Friday, September 14, 2012



And now after a long week of crazy fun girly time, it's back to work! Fall is seriously around the corner here in Brooklyn, and so I am starting to channel all those fall colors and fabrics. Busting out my h&m brown corduroy skirt from forever ago, a piece of mine that for some reason I always go to get rid of thinking I don't need it anymore, then always change my mind at the last moment. And I am super excited to start wearing socks/knee highs/thigh highs again.. tights not so much.. that speaks winter to me a little too much. The long cold months where my bar legs are in hiding.. yuck! But socks, thats a horse of a different color. These ones I just picked up last night from Uniqlo, my first time ever in there actually.

Oh and have ya stolen a glance of my Ferragamo Vera flats!? I got them at work maybe like a month ago, but was holding off on wearing them because I knew they had to be broken in. Well this past week they are pretty much all I wore, so they are well on the right track to never leaving my feet. Comfy as hell, classy as shit and go with everything.. what more do you need. And completing this look a vintage striped silk blouse, this one I love because it's not too blousy and big like many of them are, it fits just right and I love the color combo of navy and light blue.

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Jul, Life Is A Romantic Poem said...

Hah, "classy as shit", I agree 100% :) I love this outfit, it looks perfect for the incoming autumn and I love those socks <3

Liz said...

obviously i love everything about this.

Amelia Oz said...

i do not think i can express how deeply in love i am with your perfect brown skirt.

also, nice socks!