Friday, September 21, 2012

paisley and suede


Just put this little outfit together at work yesterday. This super amazing dream skirt came in and I snatched it up immediately!! I am a sucker for mini skirts, especially that of the suede persuasion. This top I also bought in yesterday durring a buy, it's J Crew and was brand new with tags on.. cant you believe this silk blouse bought new costs $118!!??! I don't even understand how that is possible, it's a lovely blouse.. but damn that is a good chunk of money! I was won over by the sweet paisley print and the shape of the sleeves with the cuff. Very vintage looking while not being at all. And of course more knee highs again. I'm basically just going to try and see how much of my wardrobe I can pair with knee socks this fall, which by the way, it now officially is!

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lady liquor vintage. said...

I absolutely love this! The paisley print and colours are so gorgeous. xo

Leah said...

that 5th picture is gorgeous! I love it.

Aliya said...

One of my favourite outfits of yours!! The print on your top is amazing!

x Aliya

jeremy77 said...

i love all of your looks with those knee socks on! Check out mine at ! You should set up account there too. :)

Josephine Frances said...

You wear knee socks so damn well! I love this outfit so much <3