Monday, September 20, 2010

ny magazine 27 most stylish day 7


oh hey! look its me! on the ny times 27 most stylish of day 7! how exciting!
on the two days i attended shows, i had a lot of people taking street style shots of me, and a few even asked me real questions about what i do, and what im wearing ("i dont know.. its all thrifted" i said) so im excited to see an actual post somewhere about it. this was right before the phillip lim show when i was on the phone with my boyfriend hah. go here to check out the slideshow and see the rest.



anja louise said...

cuuuute! gettin' famous

Courtney said...


Rebecca Jane said...

Congrats on the feature! your dress is fabulous!

samantha ramage said...

congratulations! that outfit rocks! i am sure it's so hard to stand out in the sea of people that is NYC, so to be #7 is amazing!