Thursday, September 30, 2010

thursday night


sorry i havent been showing my face around here. iv become quite busy, what with my internship, moving into my boyfriends place and our new little kitties. i have to say im a bit of a hoarder and a clutter bug, and jeremy aint to great at keeping things clean either so this place has turned into a mess and has made me quite uninspired. however, today we got up early and cleaned our room (george (cat) peed on my clothes pile this morning.. so kinda forced us to) and now the room looks great, my mind feels less cluttered as well.
so i just got off work, during my break i went to the liquor store near by and bought myself a big ol bottle of wine so i could come home, relax and get to work on a few things here. i have a few posts i need to write, and outfit here or there, few photo shoots with friends and things of the like. tonight i plan on listing some dresses in my shop which iv been meaning to do forever now. please do stop by and check them out in the next few days. i have a whole lot of inventory on sale, and please do not be afraid to ask for less on those items! wanna clear out my stuffed closet!!


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Kennedy said...

you and your kitten are just adorable!