Tuesday, February 15, 2011

this is the end


just a casual outfit today to hang around with my best friend Ali and Jeremy before going to get my hair dyed at 4:30! im really excited i have been blonde for a while now, and i was loving it for quite a while. Jeremy was always asking me to go back to my natural color which is kind of a light brown, dirty blonde color. i was totally not into it for the longest time! thought it was a boring color.. but more so recently iv been wanting to go back. maybe its the having to keep up with the roots thats really doing it for me, but either way im ready for a change!

these photos below are the color im trying to go for. maybe something a little more golden rather than reddish, but something like this. this babe makes me want bangs again too!!

cardi, plaid shirt both thrifted
the pants i got at Gap the other day. you cant tell to well by these photos but they are a great deep green color.
socks are a great light brown color which are also thrifted, along with the black boots iv been wearing every day, sorry!

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lavelle said...

Her hair colour is beautiful!

Looking forward to seeing your new colour


Anonymous said...

love the boots! And dress from last post is amazing!

Lexie, Little Boat said...

i am a big fan of those boots! also, i saw a street style shot of you floating around tumblr -- it was fantastic!

Nuha said...

I love the girl in the photos hair. I've been a bit iffy about bangs. I think they would look cute on you!

Sofi Stellar said...

Wow, are you a model? You're incredibly gorgeous, and your legs are incredibly long!

I like the outfit, the title is sort of morbid, though!

Camille said...

you carry brown as well as you carry blond... but i get the shift. i was platinum blonde for years and years, and then a few years ago on a whim said, okay enough, let's go dark, and my hair stylist is cool so she jumped at the chance. the root maintenance of blond was not great, although i have moments i miss the blond... but brown gives off a whole other vibe, and honestly after 2.5 years, i'm still not over it! enjoy!