Friday, September 16, 2011

killer of roses


Only a few days after I took these photos I killed this rose bush.. Try and try as I might.. I just do not have a green thumb and I can not keep plants alive. Especially when it comes to roses ad succulents (but to be fair, half of the previous deaths have been due to my dumb cats!) I got this pretty little rose bush from Trader Joe's right before I left to go to western MA. I have been wanting to get one for so long now, and I figured now that we are settled it was time to get another plant. So pretty isn't it? Jeremy was able to keep the thing alive while I was away.. and not two days after being home it is dead!!! I guess I will just have to look at these pictures when I feel like looking at something pretty.. and then look at the dead rose bush still sitting on my window sill to remind me to stop buying plants because it will only result in their death!


Taylor Scott said...

it looks like you have the same problem I do... You are surrounded by buildings and you can't get enough light through the windows! all my plants died when I moved... Totally misjudged how much sun they need lol! It was a beautiful plant! I love your flower updates... I think I may take your idea to buy a bunch a week if you don't mind! Such a good idea.

Jo said...

Sadface! I'm not much good at flowers either! Such a shame; I do love them!

Lost in the Haze

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

Everyone needs lovely greenery and flowers in their life. It just brightens up any room. I think roses are just really hard to keep alive. That's why I stick with heartier house plants. They were pretty while they were there though.

Victoria'sProcrastinationProject said...

I'm terrible at looking after plants too! At least you got some lovely pictures in before it met its untimely demise!

Jennifer King said...

That is a bummer. So sorry. I kill plants all the time too. And I thought succulents were supposed to be easy! Anyway, the photos are awfully lovely.

Isi, Wake up & smell the azahar said...

So sad that beauty is not in your home anymore. I'm horrible at plants/animals care too, that's why I don't have any.

zoƫ, lion heart vintage said...

aww at least you got some beautiful pictures before they died! roses are notoriously hard to maintain, which is part of the reason why i love having some permanent ones tattooed on me! ^_^