Thursday, September 22, 2011



So, all of a sudden I'm really into mini dresses. Back in high school and around then, practically every time I got a dress from a thrift store I would hem it into a mini. Skirts too, I just couldn't bring myself to wear stuff that hit below the knee, or even slightly above it for that matter.But then finally I stopped myself from cutting inches off the bottom of everything I got, because I saw the beauty in the original piece, and all that. But now I just have this sudden urge to wear all mini dresses, and low and behold, I hardly have any! So when I went to Beacon's Closet the other day to trade, I was on the hunt for something with a short hemline.

I came across this dress and just had to have it, I totally love the collar and the colors! I even took it up a few inches when I got it home haha. It is a tad too tight in the bust area, note the squishing.. so I may even end up selling it eventually if that causes me to not wear it as much as I would like to. Either way, I am off to a good start, and even picked up another mini for myself that day. I also need to replenish my tights and knee high collection, I tend to just throw tights away durring the warm months cause I can't stand to think of even wearing them!



Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

What a great dress and you certainly have the legs to pull off a minidress. I love reading all your posts about NYFW, I've been insanely busy and not commenting but I've been reading them.
In your previous post you mention Buffalo Exchange in WIliamsburg, I literally NEVER have a nice experience selling there. There's one guy that lifted my freshly cleaned cashmere sweater like it was a dead-moldy rat and goes "This pink is SO not in." I am not even kidding. I hate the men in that store.
AND, that green velvet dress...I kinda die at how beautiful it is.

SoFashionistica said...

That dress looks lovely on you and hey,if we got legs, why not show them off in a cute mini, right?!

Ashley Ording said...

This dress is so damn cute on you... squishing and all! I miss youuuu. xo

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

Yes! I am totally feeling shorter lengths in skirts and dresses too. You look fabulous and that collar couldn't be any more awesome. Love this look on you!

Cat said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! The collar is just fabulous...and it works amazingly well with your peppermint nail polish, a perfect outfit!

Cat xxx

Clara-J said...

What a lovely dress! I totally love the pattern!

Manding. said...

love the print !

ps, !

Dulcie said...

beyond adorable :) xx

hannah, heart city said...

minis 4everrr

Phara said...

This dress is a beauty!!!