Friday, September 16, 2011

Lulu's blogger brunch


So, back to my fashion week coverage.. last friday was the only day that we really felt like part of fashion week. We are only style bloggers, not big in mainstream fashion or anything so I don't usually expect to be invited to anything. I just like all the girls being in town, and hanging out outside of the tents or something and acting like I belong hehe. But friday we had some events lined up, starting early with a LuLu's blogger brunch.. which I wasn't even exactly invited to! Ashley was though, and she took me as her guest. I thought it would be a bit on the bigger side, seeing as you could bring a +1.. but nope it was rather small, and made me feel even more like I wasn't supposed to be there.

But after loading up my plate from the buffet with eggs and yummy potatoes and BACON and sitting down at the long table to chat with some of these lovely ladies, I felt at ease and right at home among other bloggers, some of who I have been following for a while now. I was most excited to get to meet Julie! I have been reading her blog for probably about a year now? and I always felt like her and I would get along, plus she has two cats that look like the short hair version of that means we have some kind of special connection. All the girls were really down to earth and cool, it was a quick little gathering, as a lof of the other girls had real things to do, but I'm really glad I got to go!

After that Ashley and I did some wondering around soho and then headed back to my neck of the woods for some resting up and a costume change for the nights events.. and boy was that night eventful! But more on that later.. As far as what I wore to the blogger brunch, this is a pretty good example of how I go from pretty vintage lady one day, so a bit more dark and "trendy" the next. Well I don't know if this look is terribly trendy, but something about wearing separates and these Blowfish platforms makes me feel this way. Everything but those shoes is vintage, I got this super awesome red cropped top jacket thing at Brimfield back in May, I bought it from a vendor for like $15 I think.. I love it so much. It is suppose to button at the waist too, but I soaked it when I got it home and it shrunk a bit.. man do I need a steamer! (Ashley told me a little helpful hint I did not know.. when your vintage shrinks from soaking.. which it does.. just take a steamer to it to help get the garment back in shape!) The lace cropped top under that was from an estate sale back in the spring, it is a little girls victorian top.. and a bit tight on me.. but I love it. The black victorian cotton slip I just got from Donnaland on my last visit, I also have one in white with a ruffle at the hem!

Oh! And my necklace, it is a little gold heart with the name "Hazel" hard carved into it, like DIY style. it also has a little cross and virgin mary charm on it, I ain't religious or anything, but I love this necklace. I got this at like the second estate sale I ever went to in queens. I went with my mother in the early morning and left with some great stuff that day. This necklace almost makes me want to name my future daughter Hazel just so I can give it to her and it can have some significance to it again. I got it from one family, but i would like to turn it into my own family heirloom.



The Corner Girl said...

Cute outfit and I love the curly hair! Next time you brunch you should share pics of what you ate, too! :D

Anna said...

looking lovely as always! xx

CityLaundry said...

hello emily!
it's so awesome that your from long island too!
thank you for stopping by, you have such a lovely, inspiring blog here!
much love,