Monday, September 19, 2011

ladies in the park


Last week I had the ultimate pleasure of shooting some beautiful photos in Prospect Park durring the golden hour with Anna li and Ashley. We got all dolled up in our best matching outfits, rosy cheeks and flower crowns and headed over to the park for some rolling around and running and spinning.. just like children hehe. There were some families around with little girls who all seemed curious as to what we were doing. One girl asked "are they little girls?" and another one joined us in some spinning till we got dizzy for a photo. She asked if we were in school too, because she just started first grade.

I love working with Anna, as soon as it is time to start shooting she really gets down to business and knows what she wants in a photo. I like working for a photographer who knows what they want and isn't afraid to give good direction to get the right feel. I am sure more girlie photo times with Anna wil be taking place in the future, I love my friends :) All the photos above are also film by the way, which I really admire and support.. as film photography is really suddenly becoming a dying art. I knew digital has already taken over, but many places won't even develope film anymore.. mind boggling.. And the photos below are all by Anna via Instagram. Check out more of Anna's work, like The Loved One's slumber party photos, over at her Flickr



Taylor Scott said...

Love them! They remind me so much of picnic at hanging rock!

Anna said...

wow these are gorgeous! very picnic at hanging rock indeed. it makes me think of 20s stage photos meets a florence + the machine videoshoot!

Courtney Brooke said...


zoƫ, lion heart vintage said...

hehehe "are they little girls?" I would whole-heartedly answer YES if asked that question! We're all little girls at heart!

Some beautifully dreamy pictures.

Oh are you sure about that? said...

These pictures are beautiful ! I especially love the grainy quality of the film, they just wouldn't work as well in digital !

g33k and chic said...

These are so magical... love your blog :)

LUU H. said...

so dreamy and i agreeing with person above about florence and the machine!

Sarah said...

i just saw these on flickr and they blew me away. really wonderful.

Rebecca said...

gorgeous and dreaming. I love what the little girl said to you!

lavelle said...

These are beautiful! You both look gorgeous.

Ignore all of the haters, emily. You're a babe. End of