Sunday, September 11, 2011



Thursday night was Fashion's Night Out where shops and businesses all over manhattan and the other boroughs hold small (or large) parties, have giveaways and discounts on most merchandise. There is also free drinks and snacks, which was my main reason for wanting to attend! I had never gone out for FNO before, but I knew it would get a bit crazy in places like SOHO and 5th ave.. but I kind of wanted to experience the craziness anyway. Our plans were to start the night in Greenpoint Brooklyn at Dalaga, the same shop I attended in July for their 5 year anniversary party, and then make our way into SOHO... but all my great lady friends were at this party, and we stayed a bit longer than expected.. so the night turned into a Williamsburg hang out with these lovely gals, Hannah, Siri, Frankie, Liz and Ashley!

It was a seriously beautiful night out, walking over to Williasmburg with this gaggle of pretty girls was maybe the highlight of the night ;) but that is only mostly because when we got to Bird the free grilled cheese from the grilled cheese truck we had been promised had run out! So sad, Ashley and I had to get grilled cheese the next day when we went out to eat because we were still craving it so bad. It was really a fun time, I'm glad we kept it low key in Brooklyn, and although it would have been kind of fun to see the madness in Manhattan.. that's not really my kind of thing, and I get claustrophobic sometimes.

The dress I'm wearing here is the one I got out with Ashley the other day in Park Slope from Guvnor's Vintage when we were on our brownstone tour. I love it to death, I saw it in the shop a few weeks ago, and had to leave it behind. It is all I could think about, and when we stopped back in I imediatly went to see if it was still there. And to my delight, it was! So I had to get it, I know that when something stays on my mind like that I really love it. And I can see myself wearing this dress like every day if someone dosen't stop me! There was also a REALLY beautiful strapless dress I loved, a bit more fancy but a dream! I might just have to go back and get that one sometime!



Lola said...

Sounds like so much fun! I went to the FNO in london and it was SO busy, will be posting about it soon xx

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Lovely pictures :)

baileyblush said...

Love the dress! I know that feeling so well (and with vintage there are no second chances). So glad to have discovered your blog!

Anonymous said...

I love your hair, so cute!

Jenny said...

Your dress is such a perfect embodiment of the transition from summer to fall! The color, the print, it's great!

Orchid Grey said...

Emily, It was great to finally meet you last week! You and Ashley are some of the sweetest, most down to earth bloggers I've met, which is incredibly refreshing. Love your style too! xoxo- Julie

girl&bird said...

wish I'd managed to get to a FNO! You look awesome, I love the daisies..

Annah xx