Monday, March 12, 2012

dots and denim


Please excuse these iPhone photos once again, I forgot to buy new batteries for my camera, but I did not want to miss a day for outfit posts! I'm trying my best to get an outfit post up each day before I got to work, keep things usual so that I fall into the habit a bit better.

These shots are a little bit blurry, but you get the idea. I got this dress and the denim jacket from Beacon's.. oh dear like everything I wore this past week has been "new" from Beacon's.. thats bad. It's far too easy to go shopping there, the rest of my clothes must feel lonely from lack of wear! Also, a lot of what I own is pretty dresses, better suited for nice weather, so I'm sure once it's nice out all the time my regular dresses will fall back into rotation.

Tonight I'm going to see The Back Keys with my mother and sister at Madison Square Garden! I'm not too gung-ho about the venue, I prefer places much much smaller with standing room so I can dance! But heck, this is where they are playing and I'm not gonna let a little thing like being hundreds of feet away from them stop me! I'm going to quite a few good shows this next month, First Aid Kit the last week of March, and Sleepy Sun in April! I'm glad some good bands are coming around, cause I feel like last summer was kind of a bust here in NYC as far was shows goes.



Paulina said...

I want to work at Beacons Closet! My god what a dream job. ALthough it must be so hard to have the constant temptation to buy something. I see you are doing very well at not buying things ;)
Great outfits all week long!!

XX Paulina from jumellejumelle

nicola said...

Wow I cannot wait to visit this amazing famous treasure land that is Beacon's Closet when I am in New York in May! Saving my pennies!! Lovely dress & jacket combo.