Tuesday, March 27, 2012

navy blue and red


I'm really peeved with myself for not going out and getting new batteries yesterday! I'm also peeved at these stupid rechargeable batteries that we have had for a while that apparently can no longer hold a charge for longer than one photo. Ugh, technology! So shitty photos again, but I'm trying to stay regular here (heh) so any means to get a blog post up in time, ya know?

So yesterday I cleaned out my bucket at work again, so this means more new clothes! Keep in mind, I have sold in about 4 big bags of clothes since I'v been there too... so we aren;t swimming in clothes over there.. but I do have a lot! This whole outfit except for the tights and shoes is from Beacon's. The only note worthy bit about it is this Steven Alan blazer, I don't think I even have any blazers at the moment, and I'v always wanted something by him! It's a dark navy blue and the perfect fit, I wore it around work all day yesterday before I bought it to see how I really felt about it, and also because I was freezing cold at work yesterday in all those man mad materials I was wearing.

My shoes I got from Donnaland while working for her back in september.. speaking of which it is almost that time again, Brimfield season!!! And this go around I'm going to try my best to be up there all week long, from set up to tear down.. it will be interesting having to use some restraint, since this time I am no longer selling vintage on the side, so everything I take from her will be for me... Looks like I'll have to get paid in some actual paper money this time, because I probably shouldn't get paid a weeks worth of work in vintage just for myself #vintagegirlproblems



Dulcie said...

Sounds like you have the perfect job for a vintage obsessive :) I work in a very upmarket ladieswear store which is way out of my price range but I still get seduced every too often by a great 'investment piece' that has my bank account groaning even with the staff discount! xx

Anonymous said...

Very cute outfit! Your super lucky to get be around all those amazing vintage pieces. My town is great for almost anything vintage except for clothes. :P

I love your dried flowers hanging on your wall by the way! Gorgeous.

Caitie said...

those shoes are amazing!