Sunday, March 4, 2012

white lace


Another day at Beacon's Closet, another outfit! I really like this getting dressed in the morning and taking my outfit photo before work.. it reminds me of my Wardrobe Remix days back when I was at FIT and I would take my outfit photo and post it before class every day. It's nice to get back into a routine that makes me post more!

Nothing too special about todays outfit. I got this dress from Donnaland, where else! I dug it out of the rags back in November when I went to work at her warehouse in St. Louis. It had a big ol' yellow stain across the front (can still kinda be seen but only to the trained eye) as well as a bunch of black gunk. I decided it was worth it to try and salvage it cause it was so beautiful and fit perfectly. And I was right, pretty much all the stains came out and now it is one of my go-to dresses when I can decided on what to wear.. like today I guess.



stephanie... said...

this dress is stunning! so elegant and pretty :)

Phara said...

Very beautiful!!

Yours Truly, x said...

Heavenly! Very inspiring images :-)

sopranicthinker said...

Such a kitty! :) And what an absolutely perfect photo - that gorgeous lace juxtaposed against the textures of fluffy kitty coat, those perfect curtains, and the lighting... Gorgeous!

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

Wow. What a stunner! These pictures are so pretty and romantic. I love the touch of the dried roses hanging on the wall behind you. It reminds me of when I used to hang dried roses and lace from my ceiling. Sweet!

─░pek said...

You remind me of Karen Gillan every single time: I just love your face hahah!

And what a luck, perfect fit indeed. Very pretty dress, loved the simplicity and the elegance of it.