Tuesday, March 20, 2012

flower power


So yesterday was maybe the best shoe luck day of my life! Two things I am always on the look out for, chunky black platforms.. be it 60s, 70s or 90s style.. whatever, I want it. Also, Swedish Hasbeen's, always been a fan, always been to broke to afford a new pair of my own (and dear lord, that new summer campaign of theres is not making anything easier!) and so I keep my eyes peeled when thrifting and such. WELL yesterday I come into work, and after not being there for a day I make sure to take a look around at the stuff that came in on the day I was gone. We get a lot of new things every day, gotta keep up on it! Sitting on top of the same shelf was these fucking awesome platform shoes, and right next to them a pair of black Swedish Hasbeen's BOTH IN MY SIZE! I let out an audible gasp, it was like a dream come true. And for just a cool $11 (after discount) I am now the proud owner of both these babies. I can die happy.

So the shoes totally inspired this outfit, going for kind of a Parker Posey in Party Girl, groove is in the heart Deee- Lite kinda thing. The black lace top was thrifted years ago, the 90s yellow plaid Gap skirt was also thrifted, one of my favorites. And I got these socks from Beacon's on like my first day. I kept seeing them every time I went in to shop as a customer, and after I got the job there was only like two pairs left, so I made my move.



Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

That is so awesome! I'm so jealous of your thrifting luck. You always have the best finds.
I have to see Party Girl, based on your outfit I think I already like it.

sweet harvest moon said...

Amazing find!

Brittany said...

Hi! This is off topic of your post but I just wanted to let you know I found your tutorial on rag curls. My hair is just like yours. Pin straight. So.....it worked! I was so happy. They lasted almost the entire day. Also, I just happened to stumble upon your blog not realizing you were the same person as the girl in the tutorial. Small cyber world, I suppose. AND, I'm from Long Island, too. Now I live in Taiwan. Great blog and thanks for the rag curls!

esme and the lane way said...

Awesome! Love your socks and shoes combo.

Sarah said...

OBSESSED with this outfit!!!