Friday, March 30, 2012

theme fridays: upper east side/old money


So it's back to theme fridays! Last weeks installment was non existant, since I did not work last friday, but the theme was "all day deep comfort".. which I wouldn't really know what to wear for anyways. I have strong feelings about leaving the house in pajamas and other such lounge wear, so I don't really feel like I missed out on that one. However, this week our theme is "upper east side/old money" which I had a bit of fun with. Ya know, rich older ladies with pearls and Chanel and little matching skirt suits.. pink hair, purple hair and nicknames like Muffy, Birdy and Tweedy. I'm trying to decide what I want my rich old broad name to be today.. I'm thinking Muffy..

So for this outfit I started with the plaid skirt, which I got from Donnaland warehouse back in November, this sweet little jacket is from there too. One of my favorite pieces that is now just finally making it out of my closet! It's a little hard to tell, but it's neon green under the collar! Paired with a little sea foam green blouse I thrifted a while back. This really pretty pearl necklace collar thing I got at this open air flea in like chelsea on maybe 25th street? I forget, but it's super cool, I scored some good things that day. The earrings I'v had for a while, I have quite the earring collection actually, as I used to wear them all the time, but not so much anymore. And the shoes I got on etsy. And lets not forget these pretty little gloves! my friend Sam from western MA sent me a little package this week with some cool paper items and some prints of her collages, as well as these pretty gloves and a "New York Places & Pleasures" book written in 1957 I believe it was. What a gal! Check out her etsy Papper Bunnies Burrow for some truly amazing collage work!



Courtney Brooke said...

Darling Muffy, you look devine, your outfit is totally top drawer. xo

sweet harvest moon said...

amazing theme and cute look!

Maite said...

You have one of my favourites blogs.
The gloves, the skirt, the earings...everything perfect.

Kitsune-kun said...

great skirt! and those gloves are the perfect touch:)

Caitie said...

I am in love with that collar!


Anonymous said...

You look amazing, this whole outfit is right on :)

Sasssquatch said...

THis outfit is perfection and I love the idea of theme fridays, I love every part of it and your eyemakeup is SUPERB, excellent post! <3

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

this is such a fun idea!! i love the skirt!

Steffys Pros and Cons