Thursday, March 15, 2012

seeing red


Yesterday was a lovely day, another day filled with beautiful spring weather and a day off with my boyfriend. We woke up early for some badly needed grocery shopping, and we walked over the Brooklyn Bridge! It's been a while for me since teh last time I did it, and I have only walked over it like twice before, so it's been something on my to-do list for a while now. It was so great, you would think it would be a bit windy up there, but no, it was so perfectly warm and beautiful and not too crowded. Then once we got into the city we walked for quite a bit, went to In God We Trust and got these new sunglasses, Jeremy went for a hair cut. It was a nice lazy day.

I wore out some new duds, this red jacket and my new Ferragamo brown leather sandals! Both are from Beacon's, duh, I really dig the shape of this jacket, something a little different than what I normally got for, but very interesting. And these sandals, I mean come on! So perfect! I know I will be wearing these all summer.. it just makes me a little sad because I know one day I will wear them into the ground!! I might as well savor them while they are still in perfect condition then!



styleeast said...

They are the perfect sandals! And I adore the whole outfit, it's a perfect spring look. If it's warm already I can't wait to see how nice it is by the time I come over in June!

Oh are you sure about that? said...

oh woahh super jealous of your amazing sandals !

the wild bunches said...

i'm in love with the red jacket, you look great!

Taylor / The Little Deer said...

Sounds like a great day. Lazy days are the best! I loooove your outfit. Always so beautiful!

Phara said...

What a lovely dress!!