Friday, March 2, 2012



What I'm wearing to work today. This dress I do believe I got from Donnaland maybe back in July?.. But I have only worn it once because then the zipper started coming out and it got added to my "needs fixing" pile. A quick fix I know, but I didn't get around to fixing it until like, today. It fits really nice and I love the full skirt, and lets not forget the little dots!

I tried sleeping with pin curls in last night, for the first time believe it or not! Well, I did try them once before, but I didn't really do it right and the curls didn't come out, so I don't count it. I just did like 5 big ones on each side exactly how I do the little curls when I wear it as a hairstyle. It looked really cool actually, and then I slept with a scarf around them... which eventually fell off, but the curls stayed in place. Before I brushed them out and put them into this do' they looked really nice! Curling success!

Oh! And did you know that Sally Hansen came out with new prints for those nail strip things? Well she did and I got some poppy printed ones a few weeks back at target and just got around to doing them last night. I wanted to wait till I wasent working at Trader Joe's so that they would last for as long as possible!! I love these things, best invention ever!



Phara said...

I looooove the dress, so pretty!

Liz said...

perfect, per usual ;)

dusanabotswana said...

oh man, that happens to me too w/ things getting lost in the "to mend" box. lovely dress though & I've got to try one of these hair tie curl things soon, mine's been just awful lately & up all the time.

nicolealyse said...

Found my little note in my pocket today I forgot about and found your blog! love love love. Photo adventures await us <3

Jo said...

You always wear pigtails so perfectly <3 and the winged eyeliner is the perfect touch; so so so gorgeous!

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the wild bunches said...

same here with the "need to fix" pile growing taller and taller each day. I need to do something.
Your lil' fluffy one's head is almost as big as yours :D Is he a Maine Coon? x

Sharon said...

Emily, you are such a stunning girl. I've been reading your blog for a few months now, and absolutely love and look forward to seeing your beautiful vintage style. I also love seeing beautiful, unexpected and considered detail - in your home and outfits! I gotta get me some nail stickers asap. Wish there were some more lovely girls like you in Sydney,Australia :)

x Sharon