Thursday, March 22, 2012

some change


Let me just start by saying today is going to be like 80 degrees you guys. And so is tomorrow, and I'm off work tomorrow and plan to be topless sunbathing on my friend Anna's rooftop with another babe Leah. It's going to be grand! But we are still on today, and today I work, and this is what I'm wearing to work. I got this beautiful blue dress at an estate sale sometime last summer. They wanted like $25 for it (Long Island estate sales are rip offs..) but it was quite discolored and had a small rip in the back bodice (which has now grown to a bigger rip, despite all the mending i'v done) and so I think I got it for like $10. I took it home and oxy cleaned it and it's now one of my favorite dresses. It just really speaks sounds of summer to me. The cute little sweater is from Beacon's and so are these Salvatore Ferragamo sandals!! Another great shoe score, I don't have any Ferragamos, and my sandal collection is kinda non existant at the moment, so they are perfect.

As you can see I have changed settings here for my photos today! Yesterday, what started out as me just trying to go through some of my clothes for stuff to sell to my job, (since you all know I am getting way too many new things) ended in me totally cleaning and rearranging and redecorating our bedroom. We have been living here since August, but our bedroom has remained a bit of a sore spot on our apartment, never really totally clean, not nearly as decorated as the rest of the place. So I made a change about that yesterday, and now I only want to hang out in our bedroom. My poor boyfriend.. I have so many things.. and all so girly! I have shoes lining the wall (which he hates) and hats up on the wall.. it's a girly paradise in here!



Taylor / The Little Deer said...

Really loving your outfit posts.
Such an inspiration to me!


Sasssquatch said...

waht a lovely house and outfit, you really are an vintage beauty, you seem like you were born in the wrong time period!

Courtney Brooke said...

Emmy, your room looks amazing. AND your shoes!!! SWOON!!!

sweet harvest moon said...


Steffys Pros and Cons said...

i have hat and shoe envy.. although our rooms look similar :)


Phara said...

I loooooove the hats on the wall, what a great idea!

granny chic said...

Love the dress/sweater combination! Such pretty colors against the red lips!

Aliya said...

I am in love with your blog! Its absolutely gorgeous! And your bedroom is a dream! I wish I had that much space to play with! Following you!

x Aliya