Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ambit f/w 2011


a little preview of what i did this weekend. during the holiday times i was introduced to wray serna through hannah and landon, which led to her asking if i would be interested in modeling for her and her partner amber's clothing line ambit. it was to be shot by landon metz and daniel croninand it would involve taking a train to connecticut to her mothers beautiful old house, and getting to wear really beautiful i said YES! it was a really great day, we ate yummy food, drank delicious hot cider, tromped around in snow up to our knees (wearing next to nothing, might i add!) and then thawed by the fireplace.
the ambit fall/winter 2011 line is so beautiful, wonderful dark colors, navy blue, deep green, black and a pop of white here and there. the best sheer soft fabric blouses, and thick skirts with wonderful detail and silhouette. real dreamy stuff.
follow their shop blog here for updates and keep your eyes peeled here for more images once they make their way to me.


Kelly said...

That sounds so wonderful. And I love love your hair!!

Anja Verdugo said...

Oh awesome! Wray was (is still I guess!) a livejournal friend of mine. I loved the last photos Landon did for her, so cool that you're modeling with them!! Also I like the new look to your blog, as much as I loved the space background it looks very clean and pro!

Dylana Suarez said...

The hair looks beautiful!


Meg said...

Beautiful hair

Wray Serna said...
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Wray Serna said...

Haa livejournal forevs!

the rest of you is on here!

and more to come, thank you Emily for being so lovely.