Monday, January 17, 2011

a little curl


i used mt tripod today to take these, i had off and jeremy was at work all day so i had to make due. it was not fun, today was pretty cold, and on my camera i have to reset the timer after every picture. so only a few mediocre shots today.
you can find some new listings in my shop today, and more to come next week!

faux fur coat- thrifted
hand knit sweater- thrifted
floral jumper- gift from courtney
belt- thrifted
tights- gift from my sister
socks- gift from ali
boots- thrifted

and look at this little guy, found a new favorite spot in my closet!


Courtney Brooke said...

I love giving clothes to you!!! You always wear them soo well Emily!!!! Speaking of which I have something for you and I will need your mailing address(again) !!! XO

Hannah said...

You look beautiful Emily, I absolutely love your hair and everything you're wearing!

Amber Blue Bird said...

your hair looks darling and i love the socks peaking out of your boots.

Phara said...

Love the sweater with that jumper, they just match!

lavelle said...

Oh how cute is your cat!

And yes, Polyvore is so addictive. It is slightly sad knowing that you will never own those clothes, but I like your tip of then searching for similar items in vintage stores.


Honor said...

I love the curley hair, I always find my curls straighten after 1h no matter how much I try to keep them curley