Friday, January 7, 2011

house and garden


yesterday before work i went thrifting to one of my usual spots. i didnt really want to go there at first, i was planning to go to the salvation army which i dont go to as often because its a bit further away. but like usual i didnt have the time to make that treck so i went tot he place i went to like 2 days before that. i didnt think i would find much, but i actually came out with a full bag! half of everything i got was for the store, and i have to say im really excited abou my next update. im going a bit of a different direction with what i choose to fill my shop with. this time around its a bit more sophisticated i think. i cant wait to share it all with you. i have a photo shoot planned with hannahi think next weekend, so the week of jan 16th you can expect to see these pretties hit the shop!

all the shopping i did for myself actually came out of the little boys section! when i have the time thrifting, i really do like to check EVERYWHERE! you really never know what your going to find, and in this case i came home with two new pairs of trousers. who cares that some little boy once wore these to his aunts wedding, they fit me like a charm. who woulda thunk it!
these pants are one of the pair i came home with, the other is a navy blue. i was really surprised at how great they fit. i really suggest you all try! this navy blue shrunken cardigan is also another little boy gem. let me tell you, i had a cart FULL of great sweaters that i had to narrow down, boys sweaters, best kept secret in thrifting! i have a few nice striped ones headed to the shop as well!
this amazing blouse i thrifted in the summer or spring. i think i posted about it when i got it cause it was just so amazing. it lacked buttons and button holes though (obvi a handmade gem that was never quite finished) so i just sewed on some snaps and it was perfect. its the best shade of very pale yellow with little jalopy cars all over!
some brown socks to match my brown belt all thrifted somewhere down the line. oh yea that reminds me, the mens section is the best area to thrift socks. a billion great colors, some thick some dress socks, all really cheap. im learning that socks can really make an outfit! and the shoes my new favorites from urban outfitters and i got on sale for $20 and iv literally been wearing them every day.



last night i bought myself some roses from work. the color was just too beautiful and i thought they would be so nice to place about our apartment once i dry them. i also picked out a new calendar the other day. i always wait until after the new year cause then they all go on sale for lie 50% off! this one is all vintage house and garden magazine images from 1916 and 1917. ill be sure to show each month off, they are really beautiful!

here is fred on the kitchen counter being really cute. imovie is really fun actually. i only learned the basic things like slow/fast motion and adding music, but i feel i dont need to know too much more to be able to make some simple videos a bit more exciting. so that means you can expect more :)


Ashley Ording said...

So adorable... I love the schoolboy style on you with your long, pretty hair!

P.S. Go take a peek at the comments people left on my collar post... I asked them to tell me what other fabrics they'd like to see your collars in! Lots of great ideas, velvet being the most popular!

daydreamsnightwalks said...

you just coloured your hair again too! im dying for you to go a darker blonde so we match again but it suits you i used to bleach mine but it ended up shockingly white and luminous in photos has taken ages to get it back as natural a colour as i can.
if you ever need to make a toner for your hair i have a random method i made up after trying allot and them not really having effect just mix up gouache paint ( or just tubed watercolour paint) a bit of purple and a ashy brown colour work well (unless you want to try the new pastel hair colour thing people are going for at the moment you could probably mix up any colour you like ) mix with conditioner and put through hair (test a bit for the amount of colour you need and time) leave on for a bit and rinse out! will eventually all wash out with time but its fun and cheap thing to do if you have allot of paint around like i do

sorry i had to share that with someone

hope you are well, Fred is super cute and i look forwards to your shop updates.

x emily

Lola said...

I LOVE your blouse, super cute!

A Little Brighter said...

This outfit is so adorable! I LOVE the little kids section too and raid the entire store, most of my favourite things have been found in the childrens section and they fit nice and snug too! Seriously you have such amazing style!

Ayesha x

Death of the Fashion Blogger said...

You're featured here on this blog! Enjoy...

Meg said...

I love your hair!!!!!

Anonymous said...

this is what I call vintage pret-a-porter. Great!