Monday, January 24, 2011



this top is one of the best things i own. i got it one of the first times i traded at beacons closet. as i was being helped, at the trade in counter, the girl next to me brought in a bag of clothes to trade, and it seemed like every item pulled out was better than the last! very cute vintage clothing, i really dont know why this girl was wasting her time there, she had quality stuff!
as her things were being priced i asked if i was allowed to buy the things being priced right then. so i asked for the things that caught my eye, this being one fo them. i ended up getting another dress too from the things she brought in. thanks cute vintage girl!
its vintage christian dior in a beautiful pale pink color, and these photos dont do it much justice, but it has a floral design to it. the only problem is a hardly wear it, i think i have yet to find the perfect skirt/shorts/pants to go with it. but i dont think i can ever give this baby up!


Meg said...

What a great top! I always think that whenever I find great things at Buffalo Exchange or Beacon's.

Rosie said...

Really gorgeous top! Lucky you were right there to snag it!

Honor said...

It's so lovely. Never let it out of your possesion

Celeste Devane Cerro said...

That top is a dream, and so is that photograph of you and that kitty cat! And it looks perfect with whatever bottoms you are wearing here.