Saturday, January 8, 2011

re opening

as you can see there are some changes here. all is not finished yet, theres a bit of tinkering to do. every time i redesign my blog theres all these new options and ways to change things. its really great. making the borders wider being one of them, so now i have to go back and reformat as many posts as i can handle! probably just back a month or two.. but man thats gonna be annoying! but im happy to have more space and to brighten things up a bit.
thank you Michelle Henriques for letting me use your great image as my header. check out her flickr at bones in the water. sorry if im getting a bit crazy with the cats. i realized tonight just how dorky that video of my cat is in my last post. ali and steven came over and we watched it and laughed. but im sorry, i think everything my cat does is cute!
anyway, here are some images of a beautiful tea flower opening from christmas night. they really are quite amazing. i took a little video of it, but i havent edited it yet.. and i may not. i need to cool it with the videos!


QueenVII said...

I like how the blog is turning out! And i love love love blooming tea. Making me want some right now!

Michelle said...

Hey Emily
I'm so happy to see my Sophia here. :)

Melanie said...
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Shayna said...

Oh please post a video of the tea flower opening! I absolutely adored that part of Marie Antoinette. Pretty new design ;)