Sunday, January 30, 2011

still winter


this is yesterdays outfit, this was taken outside the salvation army i go to a lot. jeremy and i took a little trip there yesterday with the idea of only shopping for wall art. theres a few spots in our place that still need something beautiful hanging on them. but we didn't find anything. however i did find some nice things for the shop!
jeremy and i both had saturday AND sunday off this weekend so today i took the time to take some shots of new things i have for the shop. i still have stuff from my last shoot with hannah to add (things i said i was doing earlier this week and never got around to it.. sorry!) but i had the time today, and the light reflecting off all the snow outside really brightens up our place a bit so i had some light to use for once! i did all self timer shots and modeld the clothes myself, so we will see how those go over.

scarf- h&m
jacket- thrifted
dress- thrifted
blet- thrifted
socks- american apparel
boots- thrifted



Honor said...

again amazing hair

Michelle of The Feather Den said...

Absolutely love the outfit! Your hair looks incredible too, I'll definitely check out the tutorial you linked in your last post!
As for the orange lips, I think they look great and totally match the look!

Anonymous said...

I like this oufit very, very much. Casual but so stylish. And your hair looks great.

Annebeth said...

Gosh this outfit is utterly amazing. I'm saving it in my inspiration folder! and your hair = <3

Lexie said...

i love love love this look! and thank you again for rec'ing the coral lipstick awhile back -- it does look great!


Unknown said...

you look so chic, how do you get your hair like that! so gorgeous and it suits you perfectly xxx

Phara said...

Perfect, no need to say more, this outfit is perfection.
Hope you find some wall decoration soon! You can always buy old frameworks and put posters, postcards or other stuff in it...

Selma Selimovic said...

I love your hair.
I tried ti make the same,
it was so-so ;)