Monday, January 3, 2011



my new years weekend was amazing! kind of last minuet plans brought us to western massachusetts to visit our great friends courtney and chris. it was surprisingly spring like all weekend, but man did it look like a winter wonderland. one of my favorite places they take us is the quabin reservoir which is right don the road from their places, and also suplies the water to boston! its HUGE! and so beautiful and now iv gotten to see it an all different seasons, winter is quite amazing.
running around this natural wonder with ali, kris and courtney was so much fun. three photographers and one little ol' me who wore the wrong kinda shoes for climbing all over rocks and sand! i have more to post about this trip, this is just an outfit post mostly. courtney was kind enough to take my photos for me. be sure to check out her flickr for more photos of that day, and keep going back because there is more fo the weekend to come.

scarf- h&m
black blazer- thrifted
large sweater- salvation army
beautiful black blouse- gift from ali for my birthday, favorite thing ever!
pink knit skirt- thrifted
black tights- h&m
sparkle socks- marshals, kate spade.
new favorite black boots- got these at the other day. got them in the mail just before the weekend and i wore them literally all weekend! they were on sale for $20 and they are so cute and very comfy. i could wear them for hours!




Yay! So happy to have been a part of these phenomenal moments. I'm still daydreaming of it all. Can't wait to see you again!

Anonymous said...

i admire your bravery, going out there to pose in short sleeves :) i live about 2 hours away from Quabbin, and last time i went there it was absolutely FREEZING. the wind from off the reservoir didn't help any...

A Little Brighter said...

These photos are beyond amazing and those boots are too, can't believe they are comfy, beautiful shoes are usually the most painful!

Ayesha x

Lola said...

Love your skirt and you blog! Now a keen follower!

Please check out mine

Anonymous said...

you're very beautiful, with your figure you can wear anything.