Wednesday, January 5, 2011

hair how-to's: heidi braids

so i have gotten a few requests recently to show how i do some hair styles i wear most often. these braids being one of the more recent ones. i only did a video like this once before and it was way quick. this was my first time using imovie to edit the thing, ya know, speed things up here and there, add some music, cut out the part where i forgot the bobby pins and had to go to the bathroom to get them.. :)
so it may be a bit wonky.. i dont usually film myself either so sorry if im weird! i had no idea how to use the program, only opened it like once before and was intimidated by it. but thanks to anja for the helpful imovie tips email from months ago. i dont think i ever thanked you, but it was helpful.. so thanks!

george makes a little appearance during my second braid. hes sitting right next to me on that same spot as we speak!

two things.. i know i say at the beginning to "wing it" with your part.. i didn't know mine came out so crooked hah, so obviously if you want a nicer part, use a mirror and a comb or something!
i also see at the end i missed a bit of hair. thats from when like two years ago when ali was moving to brooklyn i cut off a little braid of my hair to give to her. now it does stuff like that sometimes. woops!

hope you enjoy! please let me know your feedback, if is should do anything a little differently, because i plan on doing more of these! and anything you wanna see, just say so!


Courtney Brooke said...

WAHHHHH I want my long hair back !! I love this !

Amber Blue Bird said...

i cant wait till my hair is a bit longer so I can try this style out. I really like how you placed the bobby pins in your hair, I will definitely try that out, I hate when they show through

anja louise verdugo said...

Cute!! You did a great job with the video! I'm glad my imovie tips made sense, it's hard to write that stuff out but it looks like you totally got it!

Chelsea said...

what a babe you are!

daydreamsnightwalks said...

i never thought of putting bobby pins in that way either. i found another snap we both have the same annoying cowlick i tell no lie!