Thursday, January 20, 2011

summer lovin'


playing a bit of dress up before work today. starting to use my tripod more.. i guess its not as bad as i thought. a little time consuming.. but its fun having your boyfriend go off to work and then dancing around to music and taking photos while hes away, heh.
the european american shirt i got at beacons closet a year or two ago, i wear it A LOT in the summer. i guess thats what i was kinda going for here. i woke up thinking of spring, and then when i got dressed i just jumped to summer. the shorts were thrifted and used to be pants. the black hat is the best hat ever. felt and fits just right, its all one piece too which is cool, the shaping of it. that was thrifted like 4 years back. the killer denim deadhead vest used to be my moms! she painted that on the back, and the half moon pin in the front is hers too. my mom was pretty cool as a teen, she didn't go to prom cause she dug rock n' roll ;)


Michelle said...

Amazing outfit! Definitely puts me in the mood for summer, I love the tee and that vest is so rocky/cute at the same time.

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

i had to use the tripod once so far, with disastrous results. i don't know how ladies use it every day! props to them.

i love the shape of your hat, very pretty.

SMASH said...

that vest is ruling so hard, props to your mom for being awesome! annnd i'm sending out your package tomorrow gf :)


Nesha said...

loving the last photo. The shorts are lovely! Definitely what I need for the coming summer.


meghan said...

I love your European American t shirt! It's perfectly worn in