Friday, May 20, 2011

Fleet Foxes

So last night I went to see Fleet Foxes with Jeremy and It was great!! We went into the city early so we could drop by the Trader Joe's where Jeremy will be working soon and to get some dinner. It was our first time in that store (the one on the upper west side) and it's really nice, all underground! Two floors too! We met his new Captain (that's the boss, second in command is called First Mate, and we are all the Crew! lol Trader Joe's talk) and took a look around. It's in a nice area, only a few blocks from central park.. he starts on Monday already!!

Then we walked through central park and across to the east side to go eat burritos and drink $4 frozen margaritas at Blockheads. Yum! Once we were a bit tipsy we walked back to central park and lounged for a bit before we had to head allllll the way up to 175th street to go to the United Palace Theater for the show. It's in "kind of a bad area" but it's a BEAUTIFUL theater! Any of you watch the HBO mini series Mildred Pierce? They filmed there for the scene at what is supposed to be the CA Philharmonic. Apparently the old one and this theater look exactly the same! I snapped a few photos of the inside, it was just breathtaking!

Our seats were a bit high, but I don't mind. What I do mind is how lame people are at NYC shows. Like, I know we are all in seats and everything, but you all paid 50 bucks to come to this show and sit in your seat and not even act like you are enjoying the music? Even at general admission shows I go to at like The Bowery or something, everyone mostly stands there with their arms crossed. People in this town are too afraid of what everyone thinks to dance around and enjoy themselves. Are people like this at shows where you live? I sure hope not, it kind of takes the fun out of things. Two girls sitting in front of us got into a fight cause the one girl was sining along!

But whatever, I had a good time! At the bottom of this post I added two of my favorite Fleet Foxes songs. These guys really know how to harmonize, it's a beautiful thing. Enjoy!!


outfit details: black ribbed tank is from god knows where, crystal necklace from my best friend Ali, long cardi is from h&m, this AMAZING tapestry skirt I got at brimfield! I got it in trade for helping pack up too. I love it soooo much! The woven leather bag I got at a flea market last year in MA, and the shoes, well you all know :)



Courtney Brooke said...

That place looks awesome and I am glad you a good time even though you had a bunch of sticks in the mud around you. Thats how it was when Misti and I saw Neil Young, we actually had some lady throw something at us because we refused to sit down for the encore. Those people can suck it.

turn that frown upside down said...

Loooove Fleet Foxes! And yes, people are usually lame in my town as well. I don't know what it is. Shows are supposed to be tons of fun.

Also, you said he will be working at Trader Joes in Brooklyn, right? The season finale mentioned something about it and I thought of you :)

turn that frown upside down

lavelle said...

I love the Fleet Foxes and that venue looks awesome! xx

Ana Karen said...

YES. I just don't get it, you know? I waited for 6 years to see Belle & Sebastian live and when they finally came around to Chicago I was so excited. The crowd was just so bad. They even joked about it and called the audience a shy girl girl they were trying to sleep with. Of course I was dancing around like a loon.

Chelsea said...

that is so sad about the show, my gosh darn. here in california everyone dances and sings and everything fun like that. that's the energy that inspires everyone to live life and be stoked! to not have that is a total bummer.

winnie said...

LOVE FLEET FOXES! would love to see them sometime. this is a great post! great photos :)


Caitlin Shearer said...

What a gorgeous place to see Fleet Foxes play!

Meg said...

ooh they played mykonos and blue ridge mtns on wednesday night too! that's so lame about people in front of you. I sang along to every song! There were these girls a few rows in front of me who stood up and were dancing like they were rolling at a club, it was sooo ridiculous and annoying and totally inappropriate for the music and the setting. But overall amazing show right!? Did you like the cave singers?

PS - I think me and Emma are gonna have margaritas and a bbq soon, you should come!!

Phara said...

What a theatre, looks beautiful! It's the same here in Belgium, my friends and I are always dancing and singing along and the rest, well, just stands there. (not at every show, but most of them though).
Looks like you had a great time!

Karin said...

gosh your blog is divine...a maze full of wonderfulness. I adore fleet foxes....
your skirt is so insanely definitely have a new fan and follower xxx