Friday, May 20, 2011

route 9 diner


In case you don't know, breakfast is like my favorite meal. I just love breakfast foods, pancakes, french toast, eggs over easy.. gimme!! So obviously I love diners were I can get breakfast any time of the day! Here are a few photos of Courtney, Chris and myself enjoying our spiked coffees while we wait for our meals at the Route 9 Diner. Actually, I ended up eating a chicken salad sandwich that night, breakfast gods, please forgive me!!!

Also enjoy this little video Courtney made of our meal. There was a jukebox at our table, and pretty much the only good music on it was The Beatles. The rest was all like WOW pop hits of 2006! or something like that.


Katie-Louise said...

What an awesome video! Me and the Mr are saving all our pennies to come to the States next year and all I can think about lately is diner food... I shall eat nothing else.. Those pies look amazing!

x Katie-Louise

turn that frown upside down said...

That diner looks great! I love diner food too - those pancakes, hash browns, bacon mmmmmm. You've got me wishing I had time to eat out this morning :)
And you guys all look so cute!

turn that frown upside down

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

so sweet. american pancakes are the best. x hivenn

Courtney Brooke said...

Next time you come up I hope we can make it to the Roadhouse again, or even Black sheep( eremy can get a vegan omelet) Also I think you are the only person beside chris who can take a cute photo of me. love you!

SoFashionistica said...

Cool video! Oh and the shot where you are drinking the coffee with the peach blouse is very pretty!

Caitlin Shearer said...

It's so funny to see that you and courtney brooke are great friends - i've been following both of your work on the internet for ages!

Meg said...

I love diners! This one looks so cute and fun!