Saturday, May 14, 2011

the loved one x seychelles pop up shop


So here is what I wore to The Loved One x Seychelles Pop-up Shop. I put this outfit together a few days before when I was getting dressed, but decided to save it for this event instead. I thought it was a really interesting color combo and I love the little bit of midriff showing through. I think it's a tasteful amount, but that doesn't stop the men on the streets on NYC from shouting cat calls at me. Ug! I had a man run after me just so he could walk right behind me like a creep, sometimes ya just can't get no respect!

Anywho, So this wrap top its from h&m a few years ago, I don't wear it nearly enough, I think because I didn't have the proper bra to wear with it before. Ya kind of get a bra version of VPL going on with fabric like this. But a simple lace triangle top bra fixed that right up. This wonderfully constructed skirt I got in MA on my last visit up here, and the shoes I went on and on about in this post if you feel like reading about it.

I am currently back up in western MA for the Brimfield Antique Show where I just spent yesterday and today wandering around booths of vintage and antiques as far as the eye can see. I have some photos to share later and lots of new goodies! I also have some pretty big news I'm sitting on.. but thats another post all its own. It's like big life changing news for me.. so stay tuned cause I'm really excited to share it all with you!


* Like a dummy I forgot to put the memory card in my camera the night of the party, so all photos of the pop up shop by Darling Dexter on flickr, also the people behind the Smilebooth photos from my last post.


rae said...

i love that top, and i agree, i love when showing a bit of bare midriff is done in a classy and fashionable matter, which you totally pulled off here.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Ugh men. I got some guy sitting in a car smacking his lips at me yesterday for, as far as I could tell, wearing a skirt. Sheesh. You look great though!

zoƫ, lion heart vintage said...

you look amazing! don't let those few gross guys discourage you from dressing how you want and looking beautiful! :)

and oh wow... the pop-up shop looks incredible, i wish i was there!

Jessicat said...

i love that skirt! You look absolutely lovely :)

Joy said...

Very fabulous and awesome. A great nod back to times past (and perfect amount of skin) - sorry if I sound creepy.

lavelle said...

Lovely outfit, you're right the colour combo is excellent! The Loved One pop up shops look amazing, I really wish I lived in the US and could attend! x

Nesha said...

that is the most amazing outfit i have ever seen on you. the top is GORGEOUS!! I want one like that, it is now officially decided. And the colour of your skirt is lovely, it makes a change to the black/nude/camel coloured pleated skirts many bloggers (including myself) have been wearing.


SoFashionistica said...

I love the entire outfit! It's subtle sexy.