Monday, May 9, 2011



Today is beautiful out, all week long is going to be beautiful, I have beautiful plans all this week and next. Yay for beauty! Starting things off right, on wednesday is the long anticipated The Loved One pop-up shop where I'm super excited to get to meet some girls from around the area I have not met yet. As well as some shopping, I have a wedding to go to at the end of June and I'm looking for the perfect vintage dress. If you have not RSVP'd yet, be sure to do so. And if your planing on coming, come say hi, I love meeting new people!

Then two days after that I'm headed up to western MA again, this time for The Brimfield Antique Show! Last year was my first time going.. it was very overwhelming and too hot out that day... BUT AMAZING!! This time I plan to take it easy, maybe bring a wagon to carry my loot! If you are going to that.. it may be impossible to find one another, but if you stumble upon me digging through vintage and trying my best to haggle, come say hi! Then I'm ending my two weeks right with seeing Fleet Foxes!! Sooooooo excited for this, one of my favorite bands, I can't wait to sing along :)

I'm going to try my best to blog through all of this, but this is sort of like a little vaca from me, took off work for a whole week.. I want to be as care free as I can, ya know. But check back anyway for updates on my version of Spring Break ;)

I went to h&m with my mom today in search of the h&m / Swedish Hasbeens collaboration shoes, but like I thought, they didn't come out to the stores on LI. I would have to go into the city for that I suppose.. and I'm sure they are already all bought up. DAMN! my only chance at ever owning a pair od SH's, anything over $150 is too high for my blood. But I did get this skirt fort only $10! I like the pattern and the cut. Its a light cotton and I figured I could pair it with a lot, dress it up or down. The sheer mint blouse was thifted a while ago, as well as the shoes, one of my favorite pairs. Oh, and this lipstick is my new favorite color. Just last week I traded in my Chase Ultimate Rewards points for a $50 gift card to Sephora! Man, it was a dream! This lipstick being one of the things I got, it's their own brand, the color is "It-Girl" tehehe. How fitting!

Wherever you are, I hope your week is going to be wonderful, sunny and full of fun things!



Jessicat said...

that last photo, with your little smile, LOVELY! You brow look so lovely and full!
Totally glad you guys are getting swell weather, I'm all tests and rain this week. But I just realised I shouldn't complain because I'm also all "planning the first part of my european adventure" which will be starting with staying in Slovenia. So in reality winter wont last very long for me. Hurrah!!
But I actually just wanted to tell you how gorge you look.

Meggstatus said...

I love the silhouette here! And I'm so jealous of your shoes. I have a similar pair but I wore them to the ground and have been on the hunt ever since.


Hannah said...

LOVE this Emily! So so good! I'm in love with your shoes and skirt. And also your blouse and lipstick. So everything, really.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

I lovvvve the lipstick with the mint coloured top.... I might have to go searching for that perfect coral colour!

zoƫ, lion heart vintage said...

oooo dream girl! you look so beautiful!

those plans sound AMAZING.

Tonya said...

Gorgeous outfit! Simple and fresh. Love the lipstick too!!

Emma said...

That blouse is simply wonderful, you look great!

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

This is a perfect outfit for spending the day in this hot weather. Sorry you couldn't find the H&M Swedish Hasbeens. Good luck on your hunt!
P.S. Love the lipstick color.

Liz said...

i'm also super excited for the seychelles/loved one pop up shop!

i have to say, i am far more star stuck when by fellow bloggers than by celebrities so you will have to excuse me if i blush!

hope to see you there :)

Phara said...

I love those shoes! They are quite perfect. Would love to find something like that one day...
Looks like you'll be having a splendid time, have loads of fun m' dear!

SoapyMermaid said...

greatgreatgreatgreat shoes. oh and great legs ;)