Saturday, May 21, 2011



Went to an estate sale today, an amazing one! I ment to take photos, but I was a bit overwhelmed. I didn't get everything I would have liked, because things were a bit pricy, and I only had $40 to spend. But I did get a really beautiful dress.. it needs a bit of work but I love it. And there was a lot of great clothes, all original stuff in the house, great wallpaper. Ya know, a dream house. After we stopped by this town on the north shore to get some Ralph's italian ices and just hang out and take in the beautiful weather!

I got this dress at Beacon's Closet the second time I traded there. While I was trading, there was a girl next to me was having her stuff looked at, each thing more amazing then the next! I grabbed two things out of what she was traded and ended up getting them, this dress being one. The other is this amazing Christian Dior peach cropped top that has an open back and a big bow at the waist.. you can probably see it in an outfit post from like a year ago, but I don't feel like digging. But this dress... I love it! And I hardly ever wear it for some reason.. But I busted it out last night to play a few rounds of poker with the boys. And then I threw it back on today cause it just felt right. I think this dress is staying with me for a long time.

These cute shoes were just given to me by my friend Courtney, she didn't quite wear them enough and she thought I would like them. And I do! I don't have anything like them, and I hardly have any black shoes, so It's a nice addition. Surprisingly comfortable too!

Tonight we are having a little going away thing for Jeremy, since sunday is his last day working at our store! There are a few traditions that happen when people leave Trader Joe's.. like getting your car plastic wrapped, usually with a cart or two in there, or balloons when we still gave them away to kids. and stickers on top of that (never stickers on the actual car.. it has happend.. it wasn't pretty..) you usually get a cake or something, and then a night out at a bar or whatever. Used to this place John Harvards right near our store, but I dont think they like us there anymore haha. Sorry I went off on a tangent there.. yea so tonight will be fun :) Hope everyone out there is having a great weekend!! June is almost here, and exciting things this summer await!



Amelia said...

need this dress, these sunnies and/or this hair!

Meg said...

love this! I wanna start going to estate sales too! how do you find where they are?

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Those sunglasses just amaze me, every time. ; )

Also, I was browsing some of your archives last week, and randomly came across that top you mention, with the exact same story attached! This dress is damn sweet too though... and the shoes!

Frannie Pantz said...

I can see why you love this dress. It is beautiful. The colors and the patterns are just gorgeous! I have had my car silly stringed at a job before. I have even had it "stolen" (i.e. moved to the back of the store so I thought I was going insane when I couldn't find it) before. Hooray for fun at work!

Courtney Brooke said...

That dress is dreamy my dear, you look lovely as always. ( ps nice shoes ;) )

SoFashionistica said...

I want your dress AND your shoes!

Laura said...

So pretty adore the shoes x

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

Just discovered your blog via tumblr. Glad I did, you are so pretty and I love your dress! Will be browsing a bit :)

Georgia Rose said...

Ohhh my golly gosh. This outfit... it's everything I want to be this Summer! Thankfully, I have 4 months until the sunny season, so I can begin work on channelling this aesthetic.

Also, I'm digging the sunglasses.

Karin said...

gosh you are just the epitome of vintage style glamour, you look so incredibly amazing here. The dress is unbelievable...the most amazing find xxx

Pretty Things said...

gorgeous - love your style and this outfit