Monday, June 6, 2011

soaking vintage


Recently I'v been soaking my vintage duds in oxi clean like crazy! I have never done it before, but I always heard it was a great way, one od the best ways, to clean your vintage and delicates (and delicate vintage!) Oxi clean will take out stains you thought would never come out! So I have been on a kick of separating my vintage by color and giving them a good soak for a few hours. It's has been so nice out these last three weeks I just hang them outside for a bit and they dry in no time, Good as new!

EDIT! keep in mind, some things might be a bit too delicate for oxiclean, I had a thing or two get holes in them from soaking, so I suggest something a bit more gental for something really delicate. I know a light soak in dish soap is good for old wool sweaters and such.


Taylor B. said...

Let me know how that works! I wish there were good places in my town to buy vintage and that I knew how to sew to create something new out of old.

Emma said...

How interesting, I've never heard of doing that, I'll have to try it!

kelsey louise said...

The soaking makes for pretty pictures, too!

SoFashionistica said...

Thanks for the tips! I will be putting them to good use on my special vintage items.