Thursday, June 30, 2011

rag curl tutorial!

Finally! I got around to video taping myself doing my rag curls! So this is my second hair tutorial video, I'm not really used to videotaping myself and just talking straight to a camera, so I'm a little weird haha. I noticed I start off kind of bright and energetic, then I get kind of boring sounding lol. And taping myself right after I wake up! Jeeze, I should keep that to a minimum (straight out of bed with no makeup, might I add!) Also, I make a lot of weird faces! wiggling my nose and stuff.. ignore that! hehe

So a few things before you watch, please excuse the weird sound in the backgound, just a few days our toliet started making this weird noise and I think you can here it, at the beginning at least. Also I was interupted a few times so there are weird breaks in the video, dont mind that, I'm not too great at editing. Also, I originally had The Doors playing in this video, but I guess they have some licensing and Youtube kept removing my audio when I uploaded it! So I had to pick something I knew I wasn't infringing on any copyrights with, so instead you can hear the great music of Twin Sister, Long Island band that I'm lucky enough to know the singer of, an awesome chick named Andrea! You should check them out, things this good don't usually come out of LI!

Also, let me just say, It took me a little while before I picked up my own technique, it can be a bit hard and come out messy the first few times. But remember, practice makes perfect and the more you try these out the easier it will become and your curls will come out just wonderful! So, let me know what you think, and let me know what else you want to see! I have a few hair styles I do kind of often and I would love to show you how!

Oh yea, and you can hear a firework go off outside right in the first few seconds haha. People celebrating early around here.


Courtney Brooke said...

Mine only come out nice when you do them for me.. wahhh.

Courtney Brooke said...

Also Lets hot roller your hair, when your up in a few weeks!! :)

anja louise verdugo said...

Rad! I want to try this... but on a night when I have lots of time because I have so much hair! It's nice to see how it's done in video form, I couldn't really picture the way that the rags actually worked till seeing this. yay!

Liz said...

i think you and i have the same kind of hair - long, super straight and fine - so this was super helpful!

this confirmed a lot of the problems that i had on my first go around with rag curls. ends sticking out that end up straight and the strips i used were way too thin.

im gonna try this again using some of your tips. maybe for my bday!

the wild bunches said...

It was very helpful. Thank you!

loraliti said...

haha this is my video:

I leave it only 4h. You teach much better :)