Tuesday, April 3, 2012



So now it it April! And with this new month comes a bit of change.. I finally had my last day working at Trader Joe's on sunday and I could not be happier. I was with them for years, and it was always a good job, but it was by no means my calling adn I have ben ready to move on for a while now. My favorite thing about that place is the people I work with, and some of the best took me out on sunday night to celebrate the end. Stayed out maybe a bit too late but had a blast!

Todays outfit is so dark, for me at least. Lots of black, but I wanted to wear this cool top I got at work yesterday, it's from French Connection originally. I really like the way it fits and although it hardly has any color, the ones featured are really nice together. I also have been playing around with eye shadow colors more and more, and today I went purple. What do ya think?



Caitie said...

love how you styled this! congrats on the next step in your journey! I too just left my job and couldn't be happier with the time I have to focus on the things I love!


Maite said...

I have the same/very similar tights...
Wish you the best!!


Phara said...

Love those tights and that top, what a lovely print it has!