Monday, April 30, 2012

dots and stripes

Photobucket It's funny, these days when I get a day off from work, it's the day I don't post on my blog. Where it very much used to be the other way around since the days I worked I looked like garbage. But now I get dressed up the best for work, have a little routine going of posting before I go to work. So when I get a day off I don't feel so inclined to post my outfits. I get lazy on my days off, sue me! Yesterday I spent the afternoon watching Melancholia.... oh dear lord, you all have to watch it. So good! It was also so nice out so I went to this bar around the corner Franklin Park and sat outside and had a bloody mary with my friend Bob. Then ended the night with my mother and sister seeing Death Cab For Cutie! I don't really listen to them much anymore, but a love Plans and they opened with Passenger Seat and then I died. And this is my ghost writing this right now.

This super cool skirt I'm wearing here I got from Beacon's before I worked there. It's Free People and when I got it it was a bit too bit but I just took it in real simple like, and now it's one of my favorite skirts. I love the way the polka dots get larger at the bottom of the skirt. This top is just a little something I thrifted out on LI a few years back, but these shoes, they are something special! I got them at the Beacon's in Wburg not too long ago, Swedish Hassbeens for H&M, and for only $15! When this collaboration came out I wanted a pair so bad, but missed my change. Instead I just let fate take over and here we are together, two peas in a pod.
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Chronic Dissatisfaction said...

i love melancholia! one of my favourite films! oh and i also love your shoes! have a nice week! xxx

Leah said...

I've been meaning to watch melancholia! Glad to hear it lives up to its hype.

hannah, heart city said...

lovely skirt! and i had no idea that swedish hasbeens did an h+m line! ahh wish i hadn't missed it, those shoes are great


That skirt a a dream! You have the best vintage threads lady ;)