Friday, April 20, 2012

theme fridays: in mourning


A bit morbid huh? I don't know where we get these themes from sometimes, but here we are! I actually felt a bit underprepared for this one. No black lace gloves, no hat with a vail.. but I tried my best! We actually have a little something to mourn at Beacons today, one of the girls is leaving and today is her last theme friday with us. She's a blogger too actually, her name is Nicole and she writes a blog called Running in Wedges, a super fun chick I will miss to have around at work.

So today this outfit consists of an old ratty victorian skirt I got from Donnaland last summer, and I also got these lovely AMAZING shoes from her back in november. Unfortunately they are a bit broken and therefore I got them for free from her, but they are so pretty! I won't actually be wearing these out of the house today, but I thought they were fitting for the photos at least. And to top off the outfit a black lace top that was thrifted and a little black pill box hat I got from god knows where, probably an estate sale.



The Wilting Rose said...

Lovely outfit. I know it's a bit morbid but I find myself sometimes wishing people still dressed in mourning clothes for longer periods than just the funeral. x

Leah said...

I'm one of those weird people who thinks mourning clothes are so, so beautiful. Or, they can be at least.

Caitie said...

beautiful dress and really cool shoes!


Aliya said...

Those shoes are amazing!! And I have been looking for a lace top like that one for ages.

Hope it isn't too hard to say goodbye to Nicole...

x Aliya

nicolealyse said...

i going to miss you too ;'(