Sunday, April 15, 2012

shorts and ruffles


Ahhhh, another beautiful day! Well I haven't actually left the house yet, but it's currently near 70 degrees and sunny, and my day off! Not totally sure what my plans are yet, maybe a bike ride to prospect park for some sun action, but this kind of weather really puts me in a good mood. And for the occasion I broke out one of my favorite crop tops! I got this one back in September when the lovely Ashley of Fancy Fine came to stay with me for fashion week. She was to stay on my couch all week even though it was our first time meeting! And along with Ashley treating me to many a drink on our nights out, she gifted me this great top as thanks for letting her stay! Chick knows me too well! Unfortunately I only got to wear it once since then being that fall was right around the corner. But now that spring and an early summer is here I plan to wear this cutie much more often!

And here is another example of just one fo the many cute pairs of shorts I own. These ones I thrifted like two years ago, the are originally from that cheap mall store 5.7.9, y'all remember that place? Man, I am really beginning to love the 90s for their vintage inspired duds, nearly as good as the real thing! Now, I'm gonna get my buns off this computer and go enjoy the beautiful weather! Oh and thanks for all the well wishes in my last post.. still sick, but the functioning kind of sick. It's nice to know you are all actually reading when I'm writing here too hehe.



Aimée said...

so, so perfect!
Aimée xx

sweet harvest moon said...

So perfect for warm weather!

Have a lovely day!

Phara said...

I wish the weather was so lovely here too, still have to wear loads of layers...
Loooove the shorts!!!

Leah said...

Looove the top! What a great gift-giver your friend is!

W said...

I remember 5.7.9! cute shorts, I would have thought they're vintage.