Friday, April 13, 2012

theme fridays: bright colors


So another Friday is here and this means time to dress up! Well, I like to dress up every day, we all know that, but every Friday I get to stick to a theme along with the other chickies I work with. This week it's bright colors! Which was really no problem for me, cause I do own a lot of color. First I was going to go with a skirt and blouse combo, both of which had very bright clashing prints.. but then I just decided to keep it simple and wear one of the brightest dresses I had. I got this one back in like August from the Wburg Beacons, it's some new brand but I forget which. I thought it was vintage when I first found it, I also thought it went with the ruffles in the front! But no, instead it's a sexy back detail making it even better!

I'm pretty pumped today, do you know why? Well, yesterday my boyfriend made a trip to and from long island to bring out some of his guitar stuff, and also brought our bikes out here!! They had been sitting in a shed back on LI and I was trying to figure out a way to get them out here.. and now I have my pretty bike again! It's a yellow vintage Huffy from somewhere between 1976 and 1980 (my friend Bob came over last night and helped me change a tube, also helped me research the unique kind of gear box on it which was only made for a short time therefor narrowing down when I believe my bike to have been made. Thanks Bob!) I got it at a thrift store on LI like 4 years ago for $30! It also has a wicker basket! And I plan to ride that baby to work today!! Yay for bikes and for saving money on subways!



Flor Y. said...

bike pictures please! ;) have a great weekend! xxx

Caitie said...

really love the back of that dress!


rachel said...

Yeah, outfit photo with bike! Enjoy your riding...

Constance said...

This dress is gorgeous!

sweet harvest moon said...

Love the back of the dress!